Marcus Aurelius

The Meditations

Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus was the model of what we call a philosopher-king. Though his rule was troubled by war and conflict, he remained a thoughtful and even-handed ruler.
Meditations isn’t a complete book, but rather a collection of his personal diary entries written over a ten-year campaign in Greece. The entries were never meant to be published; instead, they were a reminder to himself of how to remain calm, tranquil, and kind, even in the worst of situations. In them we see the emperor working out how to deal with the everyday problems all of us face: annoying coworkers, difficult family members, the expectations of others, unrealized goals and achievements, and, ultimately, happiness.
The episodic nature of Meditations makes it hard to follow at times, but in exchange, we get a deeply personal window into the life of one of Rome’s most unique emperors, and more importantly, a handbook of thoughtful advice on how to live a tranquil, satisfied, and productive life.
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Penuh kebijaksanaan. Tapi karena bahasanya klasik saya jadi agak kesusahan.

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Aida Shareepkhan
Aida Shareepkhanhas quotedlast year
But to be strong enough both to bear the one and to be sober in the other is the mark of a man who has a per­fect and in­vin­cible soul
Sanzhar Surshanov
Sanzhar Surshanovhas quoted6 years ago
Is any man so foolish as to fear change, to which all things that
once were not owe their being
Olgerd Rus
Olgerd Rushas quoted7 days ago
And that might be ap­plied to him which is re­cor­ded of So­crates,19 that he was able both to ab­stain from, and to en­joy, those things which many are too weak to ab­stain from, and can­not en­joy without ex­cess.

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