Tatyana Yakovlevna Tumali

Russian language for crazy

The manual is for foreigners who begin to learn Russian from scratch. The major difference this manual from all textbooks on the Russian language for foreigners is the absence of unnecessary information and unnecessary words. If you learn all the models presented in this manual, you will be able to talk with native speakers of Russian without any problems, and by the way and without efforts you will learn the grammar well.
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  • allsafehas quoted5 years ago
    Sometimes native speakers don’t know why they speak so, instead of differently. Therefore the certain words and expressions are easier to learn and not to puzzle your brains why they are used so.
    Why does the textbook have such strange title? The matter is that the people, wishing to learn Russian, seem a little bit crazy.
  • Elisa Kordashas quoted6 years ago
    Present Tense of verbs in Russian is formed from the verbs of imperfective aspect only! Thus, when you want to say about what you’re doing now or about repeated action, you use the verbs of imperfective aspect.
  • Elisa Kordashas quoted6 years ago
    When an action is taking place once, use the verb of perfective aspect. When an action is taking place several times (repeated), use imperfective aspect

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