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Marcin Grotahas quoted6 months ago
The word “Zodiac” literally means the “circle of animals”, but there is a more accurate, and symbolically more correct interpretation of this word as “the circle (or the belt) of life”.
Marcin Grotahas quoted6 months ago
According to ancient Spiritual Teachings of India, the planet Earth passes twelve cycles of transformation: during the first six cycles, the Earth, and everything on Earth, becomes tougher and more material, while during the next six cycles the opposite takes place, as the Earth and humans on Earth become more and more subtle and Spiritual.
Marcin Grotahas quoted6 months ago
Ancient nations of the American continent had different calendar systems and distinctive astronomy and astrology. For example, Maya people had the Solar calendar “Haab’” consisting of 365 days and 12 Zodiac signs, but they also had the calendar “Tzolk’in” with 260 days, which they used for ritual purposes. The shorter calendar consisted of 13 months, 20 days each, and it was devoted to Quetzalcoatl, the Supreme God of many Central America’s nations.
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