The Chick Palace, Leslie Davis Guccione
Leslie Davis Guccione

The Chick Palace

A novel of female friendship and summer romance from the RITA Award finalist and creator of the Branigan Brothers series
Three dilemmas. Two friends. One abandoned treehouse.
Johanna Lawrence and Lilly Covington have a friendship that spans decades. From their days as college roommates to the years as lakeside neighbors, they’ve offered each other sympathy, support, and solace for life’s rough edges. As they find themselves together for another summer and a new set of crossroads in their lives—Johanna having lost her mother, Lilly an empty-nester on her second divorce from the same man—they commandeer their sons’ long-abandoned treehouse for morning coffee, evening margaritas, and soulful contemplation.
All hope of a restful summer is shattered when Johanna’s first love, the bad boy she dated years ago in a fit of teenage rebellion, reappears in her life. Quicker than he can dub the treehouse “The Chick Palace,” he embroils Johanna and Lilly in a triangle and proves himself as adept at stealing hearts and turning summers upside down as he was years ago.
With her trademark heart, humor, and sass, Leslie Davis Guccione sets up a lakeside romp fueled by friendship, family, and one old flame ready and willing to once again test the waters.
227 printed pages
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