Philip Gucker

Essential English Grammar

This English grammar has been specially designed for readers with limited learning time, who wish to gain command of all the important points of grammar needed for everyday speech and comprehension, yet who do not wish to be unnecessarily burdened with archaic, highly literary, or seldom used forms. Summarizing all the major constructions, principles, and basic terminology, this book will provide readers with a firm foundation in essential English grammar.The text proceeds in easy, natural steps, beginning with simple sentence structure and advancing logically to more difficult constructions. More than 600 practice exercises and solutions make this an excellent home-study text. Organized with clarity and emphasizing explanation rather than rote memorization, this selective grammar can be used effectively as a course supplement, as an introduction for beginners, or as a reference for students and teachers.
239 printed pages
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    b0085248988has quoted4 months ago
    The word there in such a construction is called an expletive (something that fills out the sentence
    b0085248988has quoted4 months ago
    Declaratave, Interrogative, Imperative, and Exclamatory Sentences1
    arturogomghas quoted6 months ago
    stated or declared something

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