Pálfi-Pethő Adrienn

Tales from the Enchanted Wood

‘I don’t want to go to the nursery! You’re not my friend!’These sentences sound familiar to every family. As a mother I’ve also been looking for a panacea for anxiety, hissy, jealousy. I’ve tried to stuff their little backpacks with more and more experience about the importance of friendship, love and solidarity. Then on a sunny afternoon in May I gave them the best present, they could ever get: my TIME. And I started to tell bedtime stories to them. This has become our panacea.
The recipe:1 book, 4 stories, huge imaginationSit down in a children’s room, stir the ingredients with nursery children and parents, cuddle, start daydreaming together, and the miracle happens to you as well! Nobody should forget their ‘goodnight kiss tickets’ at home!
‘Cross the gate of Dreamland with your goodnight kiss ticket,Fly away if you want to, To a place, where your dreams come true.’
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