Karen Casey

Getting Unstuck

In GETTING UNSTUCK, Casey deepens and broadens readers' understanding of the peace that comes from being responsible for ourselves and letting others do the same. She invites readers to work through the 12 principles in Change Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow and dig deep into their own patterns of behaviour, to determine where they have got stuck in their lives. Readers write their answers to specific questions to both discern what's causing them unhappiness or stress and to develop strategies for getting unstuck. GETTING UNSTUCK helps readers learn where the boundaries should be drawn between themselves and others to avoid turning caring into control. Casey's characteristic gentle prodding and profound insight help readers discover their own wisdom and strength.
145 printed pages
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    b6214754844has quoted4 months ago
    “Karen Casey's honesty about detachment as a lifelong process brings comfort and encouragement.
    b3209538326has quoted4 months ago
    Remaining central on our own stage is the goal of a life well lived.
    Jono Solhas quoted4 months ago
    Embracing now is the solution to all our fears and anxiety. I promise you this. We kid ourselves if we think there is anything about the past that really has meaning now. And we set ourselves up for disappointment, or worse, resentment, if we look to the future for an explanation of what we could be experiencing right now.
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