Strip Commandments

This book is a step-by-step guide to becoming a consistently successful mega-moneymaking adult entertainer, businessperson and seductress. As a successful adult entertainer, who has been in the adult entertainment industry for over twenty years and has had consistent success year after year, May imparts the secrets of her success that helped her to also eventually become a successful businesswoman and venture capitalist living and investing in both New York City and New York State. In this book, May describes in detail how succeed in anything that you set out to do in life, whether your goal is to become a successful businessperson, a successful woman or a successful adult entertainer. It is important to note that adult entertainment is neither porn nor prostitution adult entertainers do not engage in sex for money they make their living by selling a fantasy. Women from all walks of life can learn to use the selling of this fantasy in order to get ahead. Additionally, businesspeople can use the sales techniques outlined in this book in order to succeed further and close every deal. So read about how to hunt and capture your prey, have a ';happy hunting' and not a ';happy ending'.
296 printed pages



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