Juha Öörni

Beginner’s Guide to Redbubble

Beginner’s Guide to Redbubble: How to Sell Graphic Designed Products & Create Passive Income With Redbubble

I always wanted to find a way to easily sell my graphic design products and create a passive income stream which would free up even more time for me to get the most out of my creative endeavors and life in general. With a site like RedBubble, I can do just that. Surely those serious about selling their artwork in this manner have already discovered several wonderful sites. RedBubble is the perfect addition to your artwork sales platforms regardless of the tools already in your toolbox.

This resource will help you incorporate RedBubble into your sales/marketing plan. Those familiar with the Zazzle platform will find RedBubble similar with one simple caveat—RedBubble is much easier to use. Those who love Zazzle will no doubt be able to make themselves right at home with the RedBubble platform.

As far as a free marketplace where you can sell your artwork, there is no easier place to start than RedBubble. In addition to prints, you can sell your artwork on cards, t-shirts, and other merchandise. There is no cost to set up your personal store, and the commission percentage they ask of your sales is nominal in most cases.

Any assistance you may require in setting up your storefront on RedBubble is addressed in this convenient resource. It is our hope that you gain some valuable new ideas by using this resource as well. Beginner’s Guide to RedBubble is the place to start whether you are new to selling your artwork and graphic design products or are just looking for the best ways to utilize RedBubble in your current marketing plan.
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