Jack Rowling

The Complete Book of Succulent & Cacti

 Succulents plants

As with any plant, succulents needs some certain level of care. This book is detailed on how to maintain your succulents so that they remain healthy and beautiful. It also give you tips on how to display your succulents and what equipment to use that will give you a head start when it comes to making the most of the space you have. This book also detailed the essentials of indoor plants. Disease protection is essential, and this book also outlines how to deal with rot, disease, and even pests. More so, information on succulents is given, as well as how to possibly turn this hobby into a viable business of succulent for sale.
In this book you will learn the following;
Tips for choosing succulents for beginners
Types of succulents
How to reviving a dying cacti and succulent 
Shopping for succulents
Creating an environment for your succulent and cacti
Watering and caring for you succulent and cacti
How to display your succulent garden
How to protect yoursucculents from disease
Reviving succulents
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