Israel Zangwill

Children of the Ghetto / A Study of a Peculiar People

710 printed pages
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  • lindsaydearingerhas quoted9 years ago
    conception of Judaism as outlined in his first leader, his view of it as a happy human compromise between an empty unpractical spiritualism and a choked-up over-practical formalism, avoiding the opposite extremes of its offshoots, Christianity and Mohammedanism, was novel to many of his readers, unaccustomed to think about their faith.
  • lindsaydearingerhas quoted9 years ago
    the rival party it was mildly derided, though many fair-minded persons were impressed by the rather unusual combination of rigid orthodoxy with a high spiritual tone and Raphael's
  • lindsaydearingerhas quoted9 years ago
    But it will pay, it must pay; with you at the head of it,
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