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John Gregory Betancourt,Robert Silverberg,Frank Belknap Long,Lin Carter,Adrian Cole,Hal Charles,Joseph Brennan,Stephen D. Rogers,Steve Liskow,Henry T. Parry

Black Cat Weekly #105

   Our 105th issue features a pair of original mystery stories, one by Steve Liskow (courtesy of Acquiring Editor Michael Bracken) and one by the late Henry T. Parry (revised and completed by me). Parry published more than two dozen mystery stories from the late 1960s through the early 1980s, and his daughter was kind enough to pass on his unfinished and unpublished work, which will be appearing in BCW in future issues. We also have a mystery tale by Stephen D. Rogers (courtesy of Acquiring Editor Barb Goffman) and a suspense novel, The Horror Expert—a foray into crime noir by noted fantasist Frank Belknap Long. I suspect there are more than a few autobiographical elements! And, of course, we have a solve-it-yourself puzzler from the mighty pen (or word processor) of Hal Charles.

On the science fiction side of things, we have a classic novel by British writer J.J. Connington, best known for his mysteries. (I thought it made a nice counterpoint to Long’s crime novel.) It chronicles one man’s attempt to stop a plague from destroying humanity. Plus fantasies by Adrian Cole and Joseph Payne Brennan, and SF shorts by Robert Silverberg and Lin Carter. Quite a fun issue.

Here’s the complete lineup:

Mysteries / Suspense / Adventure:

“This Year’s Model,” by Steve Liskow [Michael Bracken Presents short story]
“Jellybean Justice,” by Hal Charles [Solve-It-Yourself Mystery]
“Stagnant,” by Stephen D. Rogers [Barb Goffman Presents short story]
“Best-Laid Plans,” by Henry T. Parry and John Gregory Betancourt
The Horror Expert, by Frank Belknap Long [short story]

Science Fiction & Fantasy:
“Broken Billy,” by Adrian Cole
“Age of Anxiety,” by Robert Silverberg [short story]
“The Man Who Feared Masks,” by Joseph Payne Brennan [short story]
“Owlstone,” by Lin Carter [short story]
Nordenholt’s Million, by J. J. Connington [novel]
677 printed pages
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