At the Crossroads. Cardverse #1, Daria Dear
Daria Dear

At the Crossroads. Cardverse #1

65 printed pages
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One day your whole world crumbles around you. Literally. The sky splits, and everyone you know turns into dust. You escape to the thousands of glowing portals to any dimension imaginable. Only you are trapped in your world, and hundreds of other you-s don’t seem to care. That’s when a stranger appears and offers you a card, a key to any world. The price is high, and yet you take the chance.
Your adventure begins at the Crossroads.
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milkyway73shared an impression6 months ago
👍Worth reading

A new voice to telling a story. At first, it is weird that the main character is also you but you tune into in by chapter two. Adds the thrills later on because who wants themselves to get killed.

Also, some nice hints of queer romance and females in power. Hope, the later books explore the Queen/Knight of Wands, although I like the idea of Queen/Theo too.

Catherine Annie Tate
Catherine Annie Tateshared an impression7 months ago
👍Worth reading
💞Loved Up

Gobbled up in one evening, any info on when the second part will be brought out? Sometimes it's ridiculously funny, then painfully sad (why, oh, why-y the wands wedding. It's precious but I cried my eyes out for the Knight). Overall, amusingly entertaining and the 2nd person narrative is engaging.
P.s. greetings to Daria from Havok, still can't get your short story out of my head

nikoletteshared an impression7 months ago
👍Worth reading


annetekarpovahas quoted6 months ago
Nothingness licks at the heels of your sneakers.
nikolettehas quoted7 months ago
“When you take a card, you lose your soul.” The stranger’s eyes glow brighter.

You feel the remains of your world creeping from under your feet. The last few mirrors slip. “But I’ll live… right?” Your eyes are on the only one left. Right behind the stranger. He can still back out of the deal and make it out alive, for what you know about loyalties.

“Yeah. You get to live.” Slowly, he pulls out his hand, and something smoulders through his clenched fingers.
Catherine Annie Tate
Catherine Annie Tatehas quoted7 months ago
Rocks chain up to your right and plunge into the bay. White sand. Palm trees, and more trees, and colourful flowers to your left. Smoke rises further from the beach so somebody must be here... Hot and humid. You take off your hoodie and tie it around your waist.

Well. Aren’t you ignoring something? You turn back and look in front. Yes, pink water.
LGBTQ +, Catherine Annie Tate
Catherine Annie Tate
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Young Adult novels, Daria Diachkova
Daria Diachkova
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