Katherine Kingsley

Once Upon a Dream

An Irish beauty and an English nobleman are star-crossed lovers in a fairy tale romance. From bestselling author Katherine Kingsley.
“An ardent and magical retooling of Cinderella…draws the reader in and leaves her holding her breath…emotionally compelling and intensely romantic.” – Romance Forever
Lucy Kincaid endures a life of drudgery and loneliness in her stepmother’s home, sustained only by her dreams of a better life and a man to share it with. She’s sure her wish is coming true when a golden stranger appears on the windswept cliffs of the Irish coast. But Lucy’s hopes are shattered when she realizes the man she’s lost her heart to is the despised Englishman whose family stole her birthright.
Raphael Montagu is obsessed with finding the mysterious Irish beauty who captured his heart at first sight. When he discovers fate has delivered her to him at a London ball, he’s crushed when she claims to have never seen him before. Even after sharing a kiss and hearing his declaration of undying love, the woman vanishes, leaving no clue as to her identity. Raphael’s only hope to find his true love is to return to the remote cliffs of Ireland and unravel the mystery that is keeping him from his heart’s desire.
“Miss Kingsley has woven a delightful tale…a sparkling gem.” – Romantic Times
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    “Hope,” she said softly. “And dreams. The wonder of stars that make those dreams come true.”
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    She drew in a sharp little breath, her heart catching painfully. “I think I saw past everything the first time I saw you,” she said in a small voice. “I stood just over there and saw a solitary man on a horse, his heart in his eyes and poetry on his lips. I saw the other half of myself and for the first time in my life I felt complete.
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    Oh, God. He’d never felt anything like this, not like this. Lucy. She was life itself, the sun that drove the dark nights of his soul away, the wind that blew happiness into his lonely heart, the rain that made hope blossom in his chest like flowers spreading over a wasteland. His joy went far beyond physical pleasure, an elation of love found and claimed.

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