Played, Lisa Lennox
Lisa Lennox


What happens when you get too caught up in hustling? Beautiful Taj Jenson spends her evenings performing lesbian sex shows for an all-male audience and earns big bills while doing it. But her nonstop lifestyle full of cash, partying and drugs all comes crashing down when she meets San, a sweet girl with a tender soul who Taj develops deep feelings for. Taj tries to escape the hustling life in order to live normally with San, but breaking out of the game is harder than it seems. Taj’s world quickly spirals out of control as she heads on a dizzying journey through life-or-death situations, extreme wealth and extreme poverty, love, danger, and betrayal, all in a desperate quest to survive. It’s play or be played, and Taj will do whatever it takes to come out on top.
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Good book

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Great read

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Mishy Boo
Mishy Boohas quoted3 years ago
people are naturally selfish beings who will stop at nothing to get ahead and are willing to hurt or leave others behind in the process

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