Mindfulness & the Journey of Bereavement, Peter Bridgewater
Peter Bridgewater

Mindfulness & the Journey of Bereavement

The emotional responses to death are unpredictable and individual, with denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance all natural stages of the grief cycle. Mindfulness & The Journey of Bereavement explores the universal, life-changing journey of grief and offers insight into how we can understand our feelings, nourish our needs, and face the future positively, with hope.

Bereavement volunteer Peter Bridgewater shares therapeutic tools into how the practice of mindfulness can develop a conscious awareness of life and death. With frank personal and professional anecdotes, he helps us to navigate the trauma of loss with clarity and wisdom.
127 printed pages



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Katyahas quotedlast year
On the outside we can appear as normal – no visible plaster casts or bandages – but inside, we hurt like hell

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