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Big Data

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  • Yulia Ogorodnikovahas quoted5 years ago
    British computer scientist working at CERN in Geneva, invented the internet. He didn’t – his contribution was the Web.
    The internet is an infrastructure for connecting computers. It’s literally an ‘inter-computer network’. It developed organically in the 1970s, growing out of a US military network called ARPANet, which from its 1960s beginning had become a significant presence in US universities
  • Yulia Ogorodnikovahas quoted5 years ago
    You can have as much data as you like, with perfect networked ability to collate it from many locations, but of itself this is useless. In fact, it’s worse than useless. As humans, we can only deal with relatively small amounts of data at a time; if too much is available we can’t cope. To go further, we need help from computer programs, and specifically from
  • Yulia Ogorodnikovahas quoted5 years ago
    One potential danger of big data is that it isn’t big enough. We can indeed use search data to find out things about part of a population – but only the members of the population who use search engines. That excludes a segment of the voting public. And the excluded segment may be part of the upsets in election and referendum forecasts since 2010.

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