Kevin J.Anderson

The Saga of Seven Suns Two Short Novels

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Together in one volume, these two short novels complete the story of the internationally bestselling space opera that Kirkus calls “Wondrously imagined.”
Kevin J. Anderson’s magnificent epic The Saga of Seven Suns and its sequel The Saga of Shadows has been called “A space opera to rival the best the field has ever seen” (SF Chronicle), ten huge novels that cover a future interstellar empire and a galaxy at war.
These two short novels, Veiled Alliances and Whistling Past the Graveyard, tell key parts of the saga. Veiled Alliances is a prequel to the entire series, describing the origin of the green priests on Theroc, the first Roamer skymining operations on a gas-giant planet, the discovery of the Klikiss robots entombed in an abandoned alien city, the initial Ildiran expedition to Earth, the rescue of the generation ship Burton and the tragedy that leads to sinister breeding experiments on Dobro.
Whistling Past the Graveyard is the connecting novel between the two series, lead-in to the Hugo-nominated novel The Dark Between the Stars. Trade Minister Rlinda Kett seeks to reestablish contact with lost human colonies that have vanished in the chaos after the elemental war nearly destroyed the cosmos. She travels to a planet called Happiness, site of an isolated neo-Amish colony where the treacherous Prince Daniel was exiled. As a civil war brews among the Roamer clans over the old ways versus new business methods, some brave clans venture back to skymining again, harvesting the restless clouds of huge gas giants—where the threat of the devastating hydrogue aliens always looms…
“A setting so rich and detailed that the reader will suspend disbelief and actually be there.”—R.A. Salvatore
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