The Scientist In The Crib, Alison Gopnik, Andrew N. Meltzoff, Patricia K. Kuhl
Alison Gopnik,Andrew N. Meltzoff,Patricia K. Kuhl

The Scientist In The Crib

338 printed pages
This exciting book by three pioneers in the new field of cognitive science discusses important discoveries about how much babies and young children know and learn, and how much parents naturally teach them.It argues that evolution designed us both to teach and learn, and that the drive to learn is our most important instinct. It also reveals as fascinating insights about our adult capacities and how even young children — as well as adults — use some of the same methods that allow scientists to learn so much about the world. Filled with surprise at every turn, this vivid, lucid, and often funny book gives us a new view of the inner life of children and the mysteries of the mind.
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Socrates answer is that we did not learn about virtue, or any other abstract concept, from our experience. We must have known about it in the first place. Socrates thought we remembered it from a past life. Contemporary versions of Socrates argument would say that it is in our genetic code.
Every first-year philosophy student learns about Socrates argument. What that first-year student doesnt learn, though, is that it isnt just an abstract logical argument. Its actually based on a kind of experiment, a piece of empirical scientific investigation. The most important person in the Meno isnt Meno or Socrates or any of the aristocrats but an anonymous child, the slave boy who pours the wine. The Meno is both the first discussion of the problem of knowledge and the first recorded develop
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