David Shippy,Leslie Shippy

Money Matters for Financial Freedom

Money Matters for Financial Freedom provides a roadmap for achieving financial freedom in less than five years!David and Leslie Shippy went from a middle-class life to financial freedom in three short years. They were able to replace both of their multiple six-figure incomes and walk away from corporate America. Their first three apartment investments tripled their investors’ money. They have since gone on to purchase and manage a portfolio of apartments that consists of over 3000 units and is worth over $300 million. Money Matters for Financial Freedom reveals the principles they used to do so.
David and Leslie’s detailed guide provides specific examples and skills that shift readers’ thinking from a middle-class mindset to a financially free millionaire mindset. It outlines specific techniques and leadership skills necessary for running a multimillion-dollar business, along with step-by-step examples of how to manage money, create multiple business streams of income, and enable financial freedom!
200 printed pages
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