Stuart Moore,Christopher Schons

Earthlight, Volume 1

A teen boy and his family move to Earth’s first lunar colony where they find no shortage of drama in this science fiction manga series opener.
The year: 2068. The place: Earthlight Lunar Colony, an international melting pot of scientific discovery and global tensions. Population: 228 adults—and four kids. Fifteen-year-old Damon Cole, who’s just arrived on the moon, is one of the first students at the new Earthlight Academy. It’s tough being the new kid—but it’s even worse when your mother is your teacher. And when your father is Chief Administrator of the entire colony, that’s really asking for it. Damon just wants to kick back and fit in. But soon he’s drawn into the life of a pretty girl named Lise, and her abusive boyfriend. Can he avoid being drawn into a deadly fistfight at the top of the lunar dome? And if so, will he be ready for the terror that’s coming—from the adult world?
Praise for Earthlight, Volume 1
“Schons’s art is a standout; he draws spacesuits and SF gizmos well but doesn’t lose sight of the characters. . . . Moore introduces concepts and characters effectively with just a few text lines. . . . Basically The O.C. on the moon, Earthlight’s situations are still universal and appealing for a YA audience.” —Publishers Weekly
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