Stuart Moore,Christopher Schons

Earthlight, Volume 2

What happens on Earthlight doesn’t stay on the outpost—and could lead to Earth’s destruction. Students become pawns in this sci-fi manga thriller.
Earthlight has survived catastrophic accidents, political strife, and clamorous discord. But now the lunar colony faces a deadly threat from the very power satellites that orbit the moon, beaming much-needed energy back to Earth. Terrorists have seized the Power Bases, plunging Earthlight into darkness. Worse, they threaten to burn whole Earth-cities to ashes if their demands aren’t met. And for fifteen-year-old Damon Cole, it’s a disaster that will strike closer to home than he could have ever imagined.
Praise for Earthlight, Volume 1
“Basically The O.C. on the moon, Earthlight’s situations are still universal and appealing for a YA audience.” —Publishers Weekly
“The artwork features beautiful images of the colony’s structures, as well as many views of the star-filled sky . . . [a] cliff-hanger ending . . . Readers will clamor for volume two to see what happens next.” —School Library Journal
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