Ib Melchior


Hitler’s desperate plot to save his longtime mistress . . .
Counter Intelligence Corp agent Woody Ward uncovers evidence that it might not have been Eva Braun on Hitler’s funeral pyre. Indeed, at that very moment, Eva is being escorted along the top-secret route mapped for the escape of the Nazi elite. It is a tortuous path where disaster appears at every turn to thwart their arrival at the Italian port of Bari. Ward persuades his superiors to let him go underground and pursue Eva in an attempt to prevent her escape. The chase that ensues holds constant deadly dangers for both fugitives and pursuer, as they make their way from the eerie caves of the Harz Mountains in Germany to a startling and spectacular climax in Bari.
There, a ship is waiting to carry Eva to Argentina, where she will nurture the seed of the Fourth Reich. Only CIC Agent Ward has any chance of stopping the second coming of Hitler’s Third Reich!
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