Ib Melchior

Order of Battle

An assassination attempt on General Eisenhower looms as agents race to take down a Nazi terrorist organization in this “undeniably exciting” thriller (The Washington Post).
Written by an author with personal experience as a counterintelligence agent during World War II, Order of Battle is set during the waning days of Nazi Germany, as plans are hatched for a covert terrorist organization known as the Werewolves, meant to carry on Hitler’s legacy even in the face of defeat. High on their list of goals: the death of America’s heroic Dwight D. Eisenhower.
But the secret Nazi resistance will have trouble eluding the Allied forces lying in wait for them—especially one dedicated American intelligence officer who suspects that danger lurks underground amid the chaos of a collapsing empire—in this novel inspired by real events and filled with “maximum tension” (The New York Times).
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