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Kethandra Wilde

Be Our Uncle

Taboo role-play leads two very different girls and handsome ‘uncle’ toward the night of their dreams and beyond.

Until he saw her, naked and touching herself in the shower, ‘Uncle’ Jack had never thought of good-girl-next-door Tracy, less than half his age, as a woman. Now he could think of her no other way, especially with the vivid memory of water glistening on her aroused young body and especially those new piercings adorning her chest.

It reminds him of his darkest, most arousing secret: a moment of weakness, giving in to temptation with Tracy’s rebellious, tattooed young friend Kris, adopting the role of intimate teacher to the curious teen, and showing her how to make the most of her own pierced tongue.

Then Tracy reveals her own secret: her fantasy for a real uncle, one who would take her on a very taboo journey of forbidden erotic discovery.

Will Jack play the part of the uncle she craves?

Could she really mean it when she begs for him to fill his pretend-niece’s young belly with his seed?

Will his secret explorations with tattooed Kris come back to haunt him, or provide a gateway to even more taboo delights?

All ‘incest’ depicted is role-play only.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

“Look at you! Damn, Uncle Jack, you are seriously fit.” Fingers grazed over my t-shirt, tracing a pectoral muscle. “Too bad you never had any kids.”

“Kids? Why?”

«Genetics. Breeding. They’d likely be models. Or athletes. I might even want one for myself. Turn around.» She hooked a finger into a belt loop, encouraging me to turn. I was having trouble keeping up with her, went along with her request.

“Yeah.” She sounded like she was speaking to herself. “Good genes.”

I felt hands stroke down the sides of my back, tracing the V shape from the wider ‘lat’ muscles to my narrowed waist. I was proud of how my renewed swimming workouts had sculpted my 50-year old body. «Very good genes. Some men really do look good in a simple pair of Levi’s.»

Again, she smacked one cheek of my butt.

“Hey!” I spun to face her. “Good genes or good jeans? I thought you were talking about genetics.”

“Do I have to pick just one? A hot guy in the right jeans can make me think about breeding.” Her eyes were bright, darting, studying my face. I thought I might be blushing.

«Tracy. Don’t tease an old man. I’m twice your age.»

«Uh…more than twice, Uncle Jack. I’m 21. You just turned 50 if I’m not mistaken.»

«Ouch. That doesn’t help.»

«I’m sorry.» Another quick pout, then she wrapped me in her arms. “It is good to see you.”

She sniffed at me again, lower, near my collar bone. «And it’s good to smell you. Damn.»

“Tracy…” I tried to sound stern.

She leaned back to look up at me, leaving her arms cinched around my middle. It pressed her lower body closer to mine and gave me a clear view into the shadowy valley dividing the small rises of her chest. A bead of moisture there glistened, reminding me of the two glinting piercings, blue and gold, now hidden. Something stirred low in my groin.

“Like I said, some guys look good. And good looks can be enough to get me thinking about…genetics and stuff.”

She didn’t say the word this time, but my brain whispered ‘breeding.’

«But that’s just looks.» She leaned her face in, stealing another quick sniff. She shook her head, as though trying to clear sudden cobwebs.

«Now a guy that smells good? The right kind of good? Thinking goes right out the window. Something buried deep in a girl’s programming goes straight to mating. Breeding.»

Her eyes were full of twinkling mischief now. And something else. More intense. I tried to ignore that part. “And men. Men smell different than boys. Better.”
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