Kethandra Wilde

Curious Little Sister

Tony and Debra are engaged to be married, and just starting to delve deeper into their sexual fantasies. She loves it when he ‘confesses’ his imaginary conquests of other women to her, especially when the two bring “Full Transparency” — her crystal clear silicone dildo — into the action.

Then her parents drop off her barely-legal sister Candy for the weekend, and Tony is left to watch the young beauty and keep her out of trouble. But his ‘watching’ inspires Candy to put on quite a show for him, especially after she finds big sister’s silicone phallic friend.

Candy craves a safe space and a man she can trust, both to lead her in a deeper exploration of her new-found desires, and to encourage her to give in to the beauty of the soaking wet climaxes that still embarrass the young girl.

How will Debra react to hearing Tony confess his most remarkable sexual conquest — one that is by no means imaginary and centers on her own curvy, horny, curious little sister?

Welcome to another volume in Kethandra Wilde’s new “Sharing Her Man” series, where women explore the forbidden excitement of sharing their lovers with another.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

“Do your parents know you wear that in public?"

Passing close to him, she gave Tony a half-playful sneer. When she had asked — surprisingly politely — if she could lounge by the pool, he had thought he might actually get some work done.

“There's a lot my parents don't know.” Looking over the sunglasses that had slipped fashionably down her cute little nose, she gave a quick, silent finger wave as she headed toward the stairs.

“Exactly. And that's why Debra and I have the unexpected pleasure of your company this weekend, Candy.” He trailed behind the girl, bikini-covered hips swaying with each step directly in front of his eyes. Tony had known Candy for a couple of years, almost as long as he had been dating Debra. The soft, smooth curves that almost over-filled Candy's soaked swimwear were newer. And the cause of his present stress.

Debra's slim, athletic build took after their father. Candy had not had her older sister's toned muscles, but had followed in her lean-hipped, small-breasted path until her last year in high school. The girls' mother was curvaceous — tending toward roundness now — and apparently had been something of a wild thing in her youth. Those genes seemed to kick in all at once for the younger daughter.

He had noticed it seven months ago, visiting Debra's family at Christmas. Candy's hug of greeting had been accompanied by a new, twin presence between them as she pressed her unfamiliar curves up and into his chest. She'd held herself to him perched on her toes, her eyes locked to his, only a fraction longer than he was used to. Still, he'd felt an emptiness, a loss, when his girlfriend's younger sister pulled back, her fingertips trailing down his forearms.

Candy had always been cute, pretty. Suddenly, she'd become sexy. And, at 18, a legal adult. Not just her figure rounding out, but an attitude, a projection that was as new as those shapes rounding out her bright red sweater.

Late that night, Christmas Eve, he and Debra snuggled together in her old bedroom. The creaky antique bed would have announced any more vigorous activity to the entire house.

Staring up into the dark, his mind returned to the transforming young girl who had pushed up against him, and the look in her dark, wide eyes. The way she challenged him with a glance. First, after the too-warm hug of greeting. Later, at dinner, when her hand just happened to fall on his thigh as if she was catching her balance taking the seat beside him.

Both times the same expression. Lips opened, a tongue tip hovering between them, just begging to be kissed.
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