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Learn Python in One Hour

You're already a smart person, you don't need a 1000+ page book to get you started on the web's fastest growing programming platform. Instead, Learn Python in One Hour delivers on the promise of code literacy while saving your most precious commodity – time itself. Volkman's innovative programming-by-example approach means you focus on usage, not mindless detail. Based on the author's sold-out live seminars, you'll see Python's flexible coding technique in action as we refactor from script to procedural to object-oriented during actual problem solving.
In a seven-lesson progression, you'll be exposed to this and more: Basic file input and output operations Exception handling with try/except Using functions to compute and return multiple values Basic elements of a class definition and how to call methods Lists, dictionaries, sets, and other collections Iteration through collections, files, sorted sets Converting lists to strings and vice-versa Six most common Python pitfalls
Take the One Hour challenge and see if you too can pick up 90% of syntax and semantics in less time than you probably spend commuting each day.
About the Author Victor R. Volkman graduated cum laude from Michigan Technological University with a BS in Computer Science in 1986. Since then, he has written for numerous publications, including The C Gazette, C++ Users Journal, Windows Developers Journal, and many others. He has taught college-level programming courses at Washtenaw Community College and has served on its Computer Information Science (CIS) Faculty Advisory Board for more than a decade. Volkman says Python helped him “rediscover the joy of programming again.”
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Maria Lyukina
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Ralph Almer, once said to me: “When you break it down, most computing boils down to: read a file, do some processing, and write out another file

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