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Ninon de Lenclos

Life, Letters, and Epicurean Philosophy of Ninon de L'Enclos / The Celebrated Beauty of the Seventeenth Century

322 printed pages
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  • Irina Yumanovahas quoted3 years ago
    is seldom that passion ceases in both parties at the same time, and then constancy is a veritable tyrant
  • Irina Yumanovahas quoted3 years ago
    ut then it is less upon the lover that the blame falls, than upon her who complains of the cooling of the passion; she casts upon the depravity of the heart what is due to her own unskillfulness, and her lack of economy
  • Irina Yumanovahas quoted3 years ago
    Make an exact analysis of what takes place within you when you desire anything. You will find that your desires are nothing but curiosity, and this curiosity, which is one of the forces of the heart, satisfied, our desires vanish. Whoever, therefore, would hold a spouse or a lover, should leave him something to be desired, something new should be expected every day for the morrow. Diversify his pleasures, procure for him the charm of variety in the same object, and I will vouch for his perseverance in fidelity.

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