A Time to Kill, Geoffrey Household
Geoffrey Household

A Time to Kill

176 printed pages
The seemingly innocuous mission of a part-time British spy and devoted family man soon places the lives of his loved ones in dire jeopardy
Family man, estate agent, and ex–army infantryman Roger Taine has already served crown and country exceedingly well, most recently by derailing an insidious conspiracy by modern-day fascists. Now the Foreign Office is asking for his help once again. A former adversary of Taine’s claims to be turning over a new leaf and is offering to expose a plot by East German Communists to infect British livestock with a deadly disease. What at first seems to be no more than a ludicrous invention of an overactive imagination soon draws Taine into the lethal crossfire of an internal power struggle between opposing Red factions, plunging him into a secret war that threatens to turn the waters off the Dorset coast crimson with human blood. But for Roger Taine, the stakes have never been higher—for if he falters in his mission to prevent the unthinkable, it could cost the lives of his own beloved children.
In this riveting sequel to the acclaimed A Rough Shoot, one of the most able and prolific thriller writers of the twentieth century delivers a superb Cold War adventure brimming with action and unrelenting suspense. A Time to Kill is a gripping tale of intrigue and danger with a breathtaking climax that will keep readers perched on the edges of their seats.
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