Escape into Daylight, Geoffrey Household
Geoffrey Household

Escape into Daylight

165 printed pages
Two children held captive in a remote, abandoned abbey must escape . . . or die
At first, Mike believes he must be dreaming when he opens his eyes to total darkness. But before long, the awful truth becomes apparent: He is being held captive somewhere underground by persons unknown. At least he is not alone in this dank, cold, dungeonlike place; a frightened young girl named Carrie is trapped there alongside him, equally unsure of why she is there.
With no light, food, water, or answers, and no obvious way out, their situation seems hopeless. While Carrie is a city girl born and bred, Mike is a resourceful boy, at home in the English countryside, and he refuses to let them die in this terrible place. But escape may not be the end of the nightmare, for the world surrounding them holds mysteries beyond their imaginings.
A prolific storyteller and peerless creator of page-turning adventure, Geoffrey Household has been praised by the New York Times for having “helped to develop the suspense story into an art form.” With Escape into Daylight, he demonstrates the wide range of his remarkable talents, delivering an electrifying thriller that will appeal to readers of every age.
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