Peach Moore

Plant-Based Diet Meal Plan

A Healthy And Humane Diet That Provides Excellent Health!
Everyone needs a measure of the plant-based diet for excellent and impeccable health by its many tremendous benefits such as:
• Aiding weight loss and promoting healthier weight.
• Lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.
• Lowering risk of diabetes and cancer.
• Reversing and preventing heart disease.
• Promoting smooth skin and better vision.
• Promoting longer life
• Enhancing immunity function
• Promoting environmental sustainability.
• And much more

…Which is why this 30-day Plant Based Diet Meal Plan book is what you need to get right into this diet and keep going. It includes menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as snacks and desserts. It also presents an overview of the plant— based eating, its importance, how to substitute ingredients for a plant-based one, how to eat right, how to stock your kitchen with the right ingredients, plant— based cooking tips, and more.
With over 120 simple and delicious recipes that also cover basic macronutrient information, this book directly addresses your concerns about what to eat on a plant— based diet, how to feel satisfied and how to enjoy the best diet ever.

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