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KaTapohas quoted2 years ago
orrie turned into the alley. You could see the top of the witch's house above all the trees and bushes. Was it just a big old garden filled up with trees and plants growing wild, Lorrie wondered. There was a gate opening onto the alley, but it had a chain across it as rusty as the iron fence. No one had opened that for a long, long time, she guessed. Of course, a witch wouldn't need a gate anyway. She could just fly over on her broom.


Lorrie gripped her book bag tighter. Her small pointed chin rose a fraction of an inch, her lips set stubbornly. A possible witch behind a locked gate was not nearly so bad as Jimmy, Stan, and Rob. Now she deliberately slowed down.
Mohamedhas quoted10 months ago
Washington Post

A Knot in the Grain

“The strange, rich magic of fairy tales is
Ирина Осипенкоhas quoted2 years ago
“I see you got to the beach,” I joke and point to the books.
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