Janet Conner

The Lotus and the Lily

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THE LOTUS AND THE LILY offers a new 30-day programme for accessing your true creativity, breakthrough thinking and divine guidance. Janet Conner continues her unique method of deep soul writing by showing readers how to exit their conscious minds, get in touch with their authentic selves and activate the voice of wisdom within. Each day includes prompts for reading, reflection, writing, exploring and nourishing one's soul writing. Each week Janet Conner takes the reader through a programme of rich exploration. For those seeking the riches that lie beyond the popular explanation of the Law of Attraction, THE LOTUS AND THE LILY cracks the abundance code by linking the wisdom of the inner voice with the surprising parallel teachings of Buddha and Jesus. In a profound yet simple programme, Conner sheds radical new light on the "e;Great Paradox of Prosperity"e; and redirects readers from asking for things to creating the receptive conditions that nourish a bountiful life. Feeding the spiritual hunger for transformative living, Janet Conner teaches us how to hear the spiritual masters with fresh ears, explore the deep intelligence of our own soul, create brand new prosperity practices and integrate those practices into our daily lives. REVIEWS "e;In this deeply nourishing 30-day program, Janet Conner weaves a magic carpet of the combined paradoxical wisdom of Buddha and Jesus and carries us into transcendent creativity. The Lotus and The Lily is a joy ride!"e; -Ted Wentworth, author of The Enlightenment Code, and Editor-in-Chief of Enlightenment Lifestyle Magazine "e;The Lotus and The Lilyis simply divine. In it, Janet Conner takes us far beyond the Law of Attraction. Throughher deeply transformative process, we learn to prepare ourselves for the life of our dreams. After participating in Janet's program, I experienced a shift in focus-from wants and worries-to creating the conditions for my life to flourish. This shift made all the difference."e; -Laura Harvey, Editor ofDaily Word
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