Paul Williams,Andreas Krebs

The Illusion of Invincibility

“With clever use of a historical perspective” this business leadership guide offers “insightful and innovative” advice on building and sustaining success (Philip Anshutz, businessman and owner of Coachella).
In The Illusion of Invincibility, Paul Williams and Andreas Krebs offer a myth-busting look at the stories we tell ourselves about business success. With examples from organizations of all kinds—including fallen giants like Nokia, AOL and Blockbuster—they explore the secrets to clear-eyed, value-driven leadership. Beyond this, they offer some surprising lessons inspired by the Ancient Incas, one of history’s greatest civilizations.
The Illusion of Invincibility is a practical guide to business leadership in the age of disruption. Each chapter includes a “stress test” to help readers to take an honest look at their own organization—and themselves. It’s a smart, funny, and radical look at how to build and sustain a great organization, inspired by those who have done it well…in today’s world and five hundred years ago.
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