Laura Lovecraft

Mom, That Was You

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Imagine playing a game in college with your sorority called Who Goes there; a game where two strangers have sex in the dark, never knowing who they slept with. Imagine recreating that game 25 years later, but as 45 year old women while the mystery lovers are still local college boys. Imagine the sex that night being the best you've had in years. Imagine discovering you just slept with your son.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Carla jumped when a knock came, and Georgia called out. “Game’s over! Please get dressed and be out back in five minutes.”

She was dying to say something. Thank him, tell him he was amazing. Who was she kidding? Ask him his goddamn name. Instead, she sat there in silence, her body aching, but in a pleasant way, the same way one felt after a good hard workout.

Except this workout came with two orgasms and the screwing of a lifetime. Carla idly fingered the medallion as she heard him fumbling for his clothes.

She once again caught the sound of his zipper, but this time the noise brought a sense of disappointment. Carla remained silent as she was supposed to, acutely aware of his something warm and sticky sliding down her back to the curve of her ass.

His footsteps sounded on the floor and the door opened enough for him to slide out into the dark parking lot.

“Damn,” she sighed.

The rules were to give the boys at least a half hour to make sure they’d left the parking lot and were out of sight when the women left. Carla rose and winced at the stinging sensation in her knees. Looked like it was slacks at work and pajamas around the house for a few days.

Maybe not to everyone, not all people had dirty minds, but when men saw scraped knees on a woman its where their minds went. Standing caused his last ‘gift’ to her to slide down the backs of her thighs, and a shiver went through her.

She’d kill the time by taking a quick shower, then get dressed and leave. She carefully found her way to the bathroom door which she could dimly make out as a slightly lighter rectangle of black.

Carla fumbled on the wall for a switch hoping they’d left at least one bulb in there. What if someone needed to use the damn bathroom? To her relief one of the three small bulbs flickered to life over the medicine cabinet.

It was dim, leaving most of the room in darkness, but enough for her to find the shower and be able to get into it without tripping. Carla turned the knob for the hot water, leaving her hand under the stream as she waited for it to heat up.

A flash of light caught the corner of her eye. The cardboard on the outside of the window had fallen, leaving the right corner of the window uncovered.

She heard voices and remembered the bathroom faced the back lot. It’s not like she’d be able to guess who was with her if she saw anyone, but she’d get a glimpse of one or more of them and have fun wondering.

“Behave,” she whispered.

Right, like playing a sex game in the dark with a boy her son’s age was behaving. Carla flipped the switch, plunging the room back into darkness, then peeked around the cardboard. She saw two young men standing there talking excitedly. One was tall and on the thinner side, that wasn’t who had been with her.

The other was shorter, and wearing a baseball cap, but his plain black t-shirt stretched over a pair of broad shoulders and hugged an impressive set of biceps; him? Carla heard another voice to her right and peered over that way, two more boys were talking, one leaning against the back of an old pickup.

An old, black, Ford Ranger with a Bruins license plate frame.

“Oh, my god,” her stomach twisted as she made out the large dent in the left rear panel over the tire.

If there was any doubt, the tall ruggedly built young man leaning against it in jeans and a gray tank top that showed off a heavily tattooed upper arm turned his head in her direction.

It was Brandon!
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