Hector Luis Bonilla

Enki the Luminary Traveler

Are you with me? The mother fee-suckers are switching to space wars within our system. You have got to hop on that ship! Take the armed conflict to the Originals, the creators of the gods and mankind. Let us do battle on Earth, Mars, and Jupiter.

With genetic engineering and surgery, the gods of moon Heaven have modified what nature has done for your body, and now want to claim to have created your social universe — the bisexuals Adam and Eve. That little lie alone means war!

But first you have to witness a supernova right here in our solar system. Dwarf star Marduk is getting ready to kill her mother, Tiamat. Clearly, her moon-bearing days are over.

We have more breaking news: Luckily for Earth, the gods are sick. Most likely, all of those mother fee-suckers will die.

The US President’s plane disappears in mid-air. Igigi captain D’Alaa puts your planet’s terrorists’ tactics to shame! Revelations given by D’ to president Forces unveil the true nature of the Roswell aliens’ crash of 1947. Alien fighter pilot Izi warns rancher Ranker of a civilization-killing disease: “Kill me now, before it’s too late, or I’ll be killing worlds!” Izi’s ship is recovered: Alamogordo discovers secrets; transporting the memories of the whole world back to the time before the sun … near the centuries when Earth dared to steal the Moon from Venus.

Origin’s Second Son, Skygod, learns of the existence of the Forbidden Knowledge books. The search starts. He needs the FK's: Must find out who invented humankind. The story will send you even deeper into the past. A journey of ancestral discoveries culminating in the DNA-spiritual details of human origins — even before Skygod learns the surprising truth! Unbeknown to Skygod, however, black-giant Wedom and white-little-people Watforce plan and execute a job on the ship of Emperor Leekey of Neptune! Well, the number one Neptunian never had a chance. At risk is the control for one of the system’s most powerful war armadas. We warned you about this. But you wouldn’t listen. As a consequence, Skygod’s star-diving technology tablets are gone too. There are plans for an invasion on Atlantis. Here’s a clue: Leekey knows who has the FK's. Perhaps Watforce can help. But, really, can the little white people of Neptune take Atlantis from the Titan giants? This is tablet one of four. The other three are out there already…
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