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Gray's Anatomy

Written in the 1850s when its author was a young doctor, Gray's Anatomy was the most comprehensive and accessible medical textbook of its time. This compact volume comprises an abridged version of the classic 1860 edition – the last to be published during Gray's lifetime – and the masterly wood-block illustrations that ensured the runaway success of the original book.

A national and international treasure, Gray's Anatomy is essential reading for anyone with an interest in the history of medicine or in the amazingly complex machine that is the human body.
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  • Rei “sappers” Liptonhas quoted4 years ago
    In the long bones, numerous apertures may be seen at the ends near the articular surfaces, some of which give passage to the arteries referred to; but the greater number, and these are the largest of them, are for the veins of the cancellous tissue which run separately from the arteries.
  • Rei “sappers” Liptonhas quoted4 years ago
    The veins emerge from the long bones in three places (Kölliker). 1. By a large vein which accompanies the nutrient artery; 2. by numerous large and small veins at the articular extremities; 3. by many small veins which arise in the compact substance.
  • Rei “sappers” Liptonhas quoted4 years ago
    Those of the compact tissue are derived from a close and dense network of vessels, which ramify in a fibrous membrane termed the periosteum, which covers the surface of the bone in nearly every part.

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