Cinderella, Henry W.Hewet
Henry W.Hewet


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Jana Najem
Jana Najemshared an impression3 months ago
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I didn’t really like it

Shox Rustamova
Shox Rustamovashared an impressionlast month
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Бексултан Бексултанов
Бексултан Бексултановhas quoted2 years ago
No sooner was the wedding over, than the step-mother began to show her bad temper.

Не успел на свадьбу более, чем на шаг-мама стала проявлять свой дурной характер.

Shelly Wang
Shelly Wanghas quoted4 years ago
get rid of
Соня Оганджанян
Соня Оганджанянhas quoted4 years ago
"My child, always be good; bear every thing that happens to you with patience, and whatever evil and troubles you may suffer, you will be happy in the end if you are so."
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