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Barbara Cartland

Love and Apollo

«Can you fall in love with someone before you meet them? Valona, the eighteen year old daughter of the deposed Prince of Piracus believes she can. Beautiful, spiritual and aching for adventure Valona is convinced that the perfect man exists because she has seen him in her dreams; all she has to do is find him. Valona is excited when she is asked by her wealthy relation the Duke of Inchcombe to become Lady in Waiting to his sister Lady Rose. Together they will travel to the Balkans, where Lady Rose is to make a politically astute marriage at the request of Queen Victoria. Having lived in impoverished seclusion all her life Valona believes that her dreams of travel are finally coming true. However, after helping star crossed lovers Lady Rose and the Marquis of Dorsham find true happiness it seems that it is Valona’s dreams of romance that will be shattered. With no royal bride to offer the elderly King, it seems the only way to save Larissa from the threat of the encroaching Russian army is for Valona to take her place. Bravely putting aside her own feelings, and deciding that she must forget about true love, Valona selflessly agrees to marry the King of Larissa. Terrified at the idea of her impending nuptials and an arranged marriage with a much older man, Valona begs to visit the Greek island of Delos before she meets her husband to be. Here she offers a heartfelt prayer to the God Apollo to bring her a man she can love forever, and dreams of the man whose face haunts her. Will her prayers be answered? Only the gods know as Valona moves towards her destiny.
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    stephensonanniehas quoted7 years ago
    If love comes from God, as I fervently believe it does, then it should not matter which God you are talking about. God is love and love is the nearest we will ever get to God, so I always advise my friends who are looking for love – every day close your eyes, pray as hard as you can to God and you will be rewarded by finding the love you seek.”
    Barbara Cartland
    Lynn ADhas quoted7 years ago
    rince Alexander of Battenburg

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