English Grammar Workbook For Dummies

In English Grammar Workbook For Dummies you′ll find hundreds of fun problems to help build your grammar muscles. Just turn to a topic you need help with–from punctuation and pronouns topossessives and parallel structure–and get out your pencil. With just a little practice every day, you′ll be speaking correctly, writing confidently, and getting the recognition you deserve at work or at school.
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Proper English, either written or spoken, tends to be associated with the upper social or economic classes.
Chapter 12: Writing for Electronic Media
Verbs tell time with a quality known as tense. Before you reach for a tranquilizer, here’s the lowdown on the basic tenses. The three basic tenses are past, present, and future, and each has two forms — low-carb and fat-free. Sorry, I mean plain (its basic time designation — present, past, or future) and progressive (the -ing form of a verb). Progressive places a little more emphasis on process or on action that spans a time period, and the present progressive may reach into the future. In many sentences either plain or progressive verbs may be used interchangeably. Here’s a taste of each:

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