Kathe Koja

The New Flesh

Videodrome. Scanners. The Brood. Crash. The Fly. The films of David Cronenberg have haunted and inspired generations. His name has become synonymous with the body horror subgenre and the term “Cronenbergian” has been used to describe the stark, grotesque, and elusive quality of his work. These eighteen stories bring his themes and ideas into the present, throbbing with unnatural life.
A yoga group brings transcendence and bodily transformation. A woman undergoing Gender Confirmation Surgery is subjected to outlandish techniques. A young man discovers the reality-warping potential of a bootleg horror VHS. A mother comes to terms with the monstrous appetites of her newborn child.
Being terrified is just the beginning.
Become one with us and take a deep, penetrating dive into the plasma pool…
With an Introduction by Kathe Koja

A Bad Patch — Brian Evenson

Red Lips in a Blue Light — Sara Century

Descrambler — C.M. Muller

Lackers — Leo X. Robertson

Hekati Yoga — Max D. Stanton

Convex — Emma Alice Johnson

Seminar — Cody Goodfellow

Emergence — Bruno Lombardi

Genital Freak — Katy Michelle Quinn

Elk: An Oral History of an Abandoned Film (1987) — Jack Lothian

The Taint is Saintly with Her Welcome — Mona Swan LeSueur & Fiona Maeve
Geist -

Typhoid Ananya — Madeleine Swann

A Future of Violence — Charles Austin Muir

Orificially Compromised — Ryan Harding

15. Limbs — Alex Smith

A New Mother’s Guide to Raising an Abomination — Gwendolyn Kiste

The Human Clay — Brendan Vidito

Reborn of Ash — Sam Richard

“Fetish technology. Pleasure technology. Sinister technology. Incomprehensible technology. Inhuman technology. Technology plus velocity, velocity plus death, death plus technology.” — From the Introduction by the legendary Kathe Koja, author of The Cipher, Skin, and Under the Poppy.
265 printed pages
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