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Muriel Barbery

The Elegance of the Hedgehog

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  • Maggie Unhas quoted8 years ago
    now and again adults take the time to sit down and contemplate what a disaster their life is. They complain without understanding and, like flies constantly banging against the same old windowpane, they buzz around, suffer, waste away, get depressed then wonder how they got caught up in this spiral that is taking them where they don’t want to go.
  • Reginelhas quoted2 years ago
    We are, basically, programmed to believe in something that doesn’t exist, because we are living creatures; we don’t want to suffer. So we spend all our energy persuading ourselves that there are things that are worthwhile and that that is why life has meaning.
  • Reginelhas quoted2 years ago
    I wonder if it wouldn’t be simpler just to teach children right from the start that life is absurd. That might deprive you of a few good moments in your childhood but it would save you a considerable amount of time as an adult
  • Reginelhas quoted2 years ago
    I am rarely friendly—though always polite—I am not liked, but am tolerated nonetheless
  • Reginelhas quoted2 years ago
    As always, I am saved by the inability of living creatures to believe anything that might cause the walls of their little mental assumptions to crumble.
  • Mike Markedhas quoted2 years ago
    mankind, doomed to its own ruin through desire, would do better to confine itself to its own needs
  • Anna Kulynychhas quoted3 years ago
    Maybe that’s what being alive is all about: so we can track down those moments that are dying.
  • Anna Kulynychhas quoted3 years ago
    o you know what a summer rain is?
    To start with, pure beauty striking the summer sky, awe-filled respect absconding with your heart, a feeling of insignificance at the very heart of the sublime, so fragile and swollen with the majesty of things, trapped, ravished, amazed by the bounty of the world.
    And then, you pace up and down a corridor and suddenly enter a room full of light. Another dimension, a certainty just given birth. The body is no longer a prison, your spirit roams the clouds, you possess the power of water, happy days are in store, in this new birth.
    Just as teardrops, when they are large and round and compassionate, can leave a long strand washed clean of discord, the summer rain as it washes away the motionless dust can bring to a person’s soul something like endless breathing.

    That is the way a summer rain can take hold in you—like a new heart, beating in time with another’s.
  • Anna Kulynychhas quoted3 years ago
    What does Art do for us? It gives shape to our emotions, makes them visible and, in so doing, places a seal of eternity upon them, a seal representing all those works that, by means of a particular form, have incarnated the universal nature of human emotions.
  • Anna Kulynychhas quoted3 years ago
    television releases our mind from the great work of making meaning
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