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Mat Snow

Nick Cave

Iconic drug-rock frontman, brutally poetic songwriter, cult novelist, and critically acclaimed screenwriter — Nick Cave is one of the most revered and singular artistic talents of the past three decades. This collection of interviews tells the story of Cave's forty-year career in his own words.
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  • Jenniforshared an impression3 years ago
    👍Worth reading


  • Jenniforhas quoted3 years ago
    Language is way more than just a way of putting across an idea. In a way the language itself is possibly more important than the idea. Or there are only a certain number of ideas, but they can be said in a variety of different ways; it’s how you say them that’s more important than what you’re saying.
  • Jenniforhas quoted3 years ago
    I always wear a suit, Warren always wears a suit. Jim, he does. I always wanted to wear a suit as far back as I can remember, before anything; I used to look at the blues guys in their suits and think they looked really cool.
  • Jenniforhas quoted3 years ago
    I don’t feel I wear a suit in a dandyish way. I wear it as a worker. Someone who prepares themselves for the job, you know. It’s always been like that. A certain amount of preparation needs to be done to get yourself ready to come down here and do it. It’s what I do. There’s no debate that goes on in my head.

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