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Arthur Schopenhauer

Essays of Schopenhauer

278 printed pages
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  • Samir Đokovićhas quoted4 years ago
    The extraordinarily active zeal with which the clergy of monotheistic religions attack suicide is not supported either by the Bible or by any valid reasons
  • Samir Đokovićhas quoted4 years ago
    Christianity's inmost truth is that suffering (the Cross) is the real purpose of life; hence it condemns suicide as thwarting this end, while the ancients, from a lower point of view, approved of it, nay, honoured it.
  • Samir Đokovićhas quoted4 years ago
    Is Hamlet's monologue the meditation of a criminal? He merely states that considering the nature of the world, death would be certainly preferable, if we were sure that by it we should be annihilated

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