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b6294469193has quoted20 days ago
Light is of the nature of matter, since it has movement and makes an impression on objects; but it does not tend toward a centre like all bodies: on the contrary, it escapes invincibly from the centre, whereas all matter bears towards its centre.

What am I ignorant of? We are all ignorant. Voltaire was ignorant of many things. Ignorance is superiority. Plato’s Five Diologues.

James Keegans
James Keeganshas quoted3 years ago
favour of husbands, we should also put before the public the case in favour of wives, presented to the junta of Portugal by a Countess of Arcira. This is the substance of it:
The Gospel has forbidden adultery for my husband just as for me; he will be damned as I shall, nothing is better established. When he committed twenty infidelities, when he gave my necklace to one of my rivals, and my ear-rings to another, I did not ask the judges to have him shaved, to shut him up among monks
English, Женя Коваленко
Женя Коваленко
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yugju, Gabriel Ploscaru
Gabriel Ploscaru
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