Harry Harrison

The Stainless Steell Rat Sings the Blues

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229 printed pages


    Arthur Mshared an impression4 years ago
    👍Worth reading
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    Arthur Mhas quoted4 years ago
    After which, knowing their record for veracity, they probably felt that they could do whatever they wanted with me.
    Arthur Mhas quoted4 years ago
    This was sounding familiar. There has never been a strongman, dictator, military ruler, who did not believe that he somehow came from superior stock. “You are different, sir,” Floyd said, almost humbly.
    Arthur Mhas quoted4 years ago
    Of course! Obvious by hindsight. I knew of a dozen hypnotic gases that lowered the ability to think clearly, that left the brain open to outside influences. So it hadn’t been emotion but plain old chemistry that had carried me away. Steengo had suspected this-but why hadn’t he told me? Depressingly, I realized that the state of mind I had been in, probably caused by drugs in the earlier session, rendered that impossible. He knew he couldn’t tell me. But had been suspicious enough to wear the plugs himself.

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