Anne Brontë

Agnes Grey

248 printed pages

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    Andy Hidalgohas quoted25 days ago
    ‘When Master Bloomfield’s amusements consist in injuring sentient creatures,’ I answered, ‘I think it my duty to interfere.’
    ‘You seemed to have forgotten,’ said she, calmly, ‘that the creatures were all created for our convenience.’
    I thought that doctrine admitted some doubt, but merely replied—‘If they were, we have no right to torment them for our amusement.’
    ‘I think,’ said she, ‘a child’s amusement is scarcely to be weighed against the welfare of a soulless brute.’
    ‘But, for the child’s own sake, it ought not to be encouraged to have such amusements,’ answered I, as meekly as I could, to make up for such unusual pertinacity. ‘“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.”’
    katrinlfhas quoted4 months ago
    I thought she must have been very happy: but she never seemed to regret

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