How Strong Is Your Zodiac Sign

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A thought of penning down the wonders of this interesting and mystic manuscript has lured the author cum astrologer to bring to the millions of readers the real knowledge of sweet and happy living by letting them know more about themselves in detail with the help of astrological science. With the guidance of this manuscript the reader will tend to know more about themselves through their zodiac signs, their habits, characteristics; appearances; their personality; profession, career; business, finances, their match with other zodiac signs; romance, marriage, weakness their health and disease and finally the negative forces possessed by them and to ward of this negativity factor charming them to become more powerful so that they can lead a sweet, good and happy life.

This book about the Zodiac Signs and its compatibility with other signs is based on the practical experience of the author who has meet several thousand people having negativity in their personal lives and those leading a miserable life totally being depressed and dejected who have bitterly failed to lead a good and happy life. The main purpose of writing this manuscript is to impart the basic knowledge of how to become bold, strong, courageous, and how to throw away the negativity in them. This manuscript reveals a whole lot of information when one is in search for the truth of happy living. The author also shares his experience with his readers through his published books “Microscopy of Astrology”, Microscopy of Numerology”, Microscopy of Remedies, Microscopy of Transiting Planets five volumes and also guides his readers to achieve their personal goals with ease and assist them to overcome all the problems, crises, and the unforeseen negatives forces, in their lives by parting with depression, dejection disappointment and by adopting the beautiful ways of enjoying a sweet good and happy living. This book goes to reveal, ascertaining the real facts of life and the destiny as to what is stored for each and every reader in his or her future. Various chapters have been covered and maximum emphasis have been paid to cover the subjects pertaining to the significance of happiness by reading different charts; different zodiac signs, planets and their placements in different houses and signs; affliction of planets with the interpretation of the major period and the meaning of the birth sign. Author and Astrologer Baldev Bhatia have put his entire life experience in promoting positivity and happiness among his clients through this mystic science of Astrology. He has done so in order to serve millions of curious readers with a good intension of imparting them the basic knowledge of how to become a happy person in life. The author-cum astrologer has been associated with general public for the past forty five years and has been practicing phycology and pubic healing. His intension is also to guide the readers to achieve their personal goals with ease and would assist them to overcome all the problems, crises, speed breakers and the unforeseen negatives forces, in their lives and always to ward of the dejection negativity in their lives and to lead a happy life. The Author’s main object and message, through this manuscript to his readers is to spread, peace, love happiness to the entire world and tries to guide his readers to ward off unhappiness sadness and hatred among them.
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