Tony Humphreys

A Different Kind of Teacher

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Recognising many of the difficulties facing teachers today, bestselling author and clinical psychologist Dr Tony Humphreys provides innovative and practical ways to bring about a more positive climate within staffrooms and classrooms.
A key theme in A Different Kind of Teacher is that of self-esteem. The self-esteem of both the teachers and the students is a major determining factor of the relationships between teacher and teacher, teacher and student, and student and student. The successful resolution of problems within the staffroom and the classroom needs to be based on the nature of the relationships between the members of these two school systems.
A Different Kind of Teacher is a challenging book that confronts many of the traditional approaches to teaching and discipline in the classroom. Easy to follow, with key insight and key action summaries at the end of each chapter, Dr Humphreys’ fascinating book contains chapters that explore:Stress in the teaching professionThe importance of self-esteem for teachersStrategies for managing staffroom relationshipsHow to cope with disruptive studentsThe best ways to control the classroom environmentHow to implement a whole-school approach A Different Kind of Teacher is a must-read for teachers, parents and anyone who wants to discover how to create a harmonious educational environment.
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    Unfortunately, a teacher may become frustrated, annoyed and angry with an avoidant student and blame, ridicule or scold him.
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    Success and failure in themselves have no effect on a child’s motivation to learn but the reactions of parents, teachers and other significant adults to success and failure can have a devastating effect.

    Importance regarding academic achievement

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    Elevation of student self-esteem will considerably decrease the amount and intensity of classroom problems.

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