Comemadre, Roque Larraquy
Roque Larraquy


147 printed pages
Heather Cleary
Comemadre is a natural fit for our Latin American translation list—funny, oddball, and dark. It came to us recommended by Valeria Luiselli and Daniel Saldaña París and is our first collaboration with translator Heather Cleary, who lives in New York and is an eloquent, charming advocate for the book.
The novel deals with questions of obsession (artistic, scientific, romantic) and the desire for transcendence/immortality—it's really exciting and rich with ideas.
The ethics of experimentation in art and science come under scrutiny here, as does the attraction to spectacle, and the dangers of capitalism.
Booksellers really engaged with last year's Sudden Death (Alvaro Enrigue, Riverhead) and this should hit the same sweet spot.
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